WELCOME TO PT WIZARD ONLINE Finding solutions for your power transmission needs has now become even easier with the launch of our Competitor Interchange application, allowing you to find the ABB Motors and Generators Business Unit replacement for competitor products.

For many years, PT Wizard has been your comprehensive resource for Dodge® power transmission products. PT Wizard Online is the next evolution of this valuable tool. In addition to the competitor interchange application, we have also launched a new application to allow you to search for and download 2D and 3D CAD models for ABB Motors and Generators Business Unit products.

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Dodge Passport is now available!

Dodge Passport, a new sales selection tool, has been launched. Passport offers a guided selection program for an intuitive, accurate product selection, and add-to-order capability for increased productivity and speed in business. Passport is designed to accommodate local inventory and currency for ease of use no matter where you are selecting products.

Passport initial rollout includes Mechanical Drives (formerly ViaSync and VIAVISA) and the Torque-Arm family of gear reducers, with more components following soon!

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