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Dodge PT Wizard is the easy to use selection program for Dodge mechanical power transmission products. Leveraging over 140 years of Dodge’s industry expertise to ensure consistent, reliable selections, and provide you with peace of mind when selecting mechanical products.

Featuring an intuitive selection process, PT Wizard guides both novice and expert users through quick and accurate selection of Dodge products. Capable of designing both product and application-specific solutions, PT Wizard seamlessly selects complete packages of Dodge products. PT Wizard is also fully connected to the PT Place E-commerce platform, allowing users to quickly convert selections into orders.

Dodge PT Wizard is your ticket to a world of mechanical design. From conception to completion, start your journey today.

PT Wizard offers

  • Improved user experience – PT Wizard's intuitive selection process guides even the newest users through the selection process
  • Product and application-based solutions – whether you're selecting an individual Torque-Arm reducer or designing a complete belt conveying system, PT Wizard has you covered
  • Real-time pricing and availability – all the information you need is at your fingertips to ensure cost-effective, readily available selections
  • Increased productivity – with a direct connection to the PT Place E-commerce platform, PT Wizard selections can be easily ordered with the click of a button
  • Faster selections – save preferences for commonly selected items such as service factor and products styles for even faster selections
  • Enhanced technical capabilities – customize selections and receive detailed technical data
  • Side-by-side product comparisons – compare different products from the broadest product offering in the market
  • Save, retrieve, modify, and share selections – selections are indexed and databased for future retrieval, modification, and collaboration with other users